Rescue & Give

We save Sydney event flowers from sending to landfills while sharing joy with those in need. 

How It Works

1. Bump Out On The Day

Just like how your Event Florists would do, we pack down the flowers at the end of your event.

We currently only offer Flower Donations to events in Greater Sydney and may extend this service to other major cities in the near future.

2. Gift Away On Your Behalf

We refresh and deliver the flowers to hospitals, aged care facilities and those who need them.

Want to give your event flowers as Thank You gifts to your event guests? We can provide wrapping service on the spot, before packing down.

3. Turn Flowers Into Artworks

You can choose to add a floral keepsake or two! We preserve special blooms in premium double-sided wooden frames.

Like other vendors, we are part of your event planning. Tell us about your event requirements and we will be in touch shortly!

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