Our story

The idea sparked at the end of our 5-hour celebration.

First-hand Flower Waste Experience

When Karin and her husband planned to use fresh-cut flowers for their wedding, taking care of these flowers post-event did not cross their minds. At the end of their Big Day, they realised these blooms were still fresh and beautiful, but the couple and guests could not carry all of them home. They ended up leaving them at the venue and wondered what happened to the flowers afterwards.

Since then when Karin attended private and corporate events, seeing the beautiful floral arrangements got her thinking over and over again. Given the huge amount of fresh flowers being used in the Event industry, not every stem continues to serve until the end. Sadly, most are sent to landfills as being mistreated.


Journey Began

After many conversations with like-minded people who also appreciate event flowers, Florapeutic was born to rescue and repurpose these blooms to soothe many souls.

Karin started Florapeutic because she loves flowers as they are beautiful and therapeutic. They have the power to touch our souls and put smiles on our faces. Her passion for flowers led her to learn about floristry. She soon realised that a lot of waste is produced in the industry and decided to play a part in minimising the impact.

Our vision is to change the way Australians values and consume fresh flowers by prolonging the life of the saved flowers. We help these blooms find their way to the next home where their beauty will contiue to be appreciated. We value that bringing joy to the community and advocating sustainability are important.

Starting the journey in Sydney, Florapeutic is a social enterprise on a mission to tackle flower waste issues in Australia. We rescue and repurpose flowers that are otherwise wasted after events. We help consumers and corporates become environmentally and socially responsible through flowers.

Through this initiative which aligns with Sustainable Development Goals 3 (Good Health & Well-being) and 12 (Responsible Consumption & Production), we aim to increase the awareness of the issues associated with waste and mental health, as well as the involvement of the communities. Our products and services help to reduce floristry wastes going to landfills and to be socially responsible, by prolonging the consumable timeframe of the stems.

Our Impact

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The Person Behind The Idea

Karin changed her career from a corporate marketer to a social entrepreneur. After 15 years working in large corporations, the Sydney mum decided to pursue her dream of having her venture and making a difference so the world becomes a better place to live. She also wants to be her child's role model showing that we all can live our dreams, big or small.

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What to expect

For those hosting events...

We understand that taking care of the flowers is certainly not the priority when you are enjoying precious moments with your guests. Thus, we step in to look after the blooms.

To ensure the process is seamless and uninterrupted in your day, communication is the key. We communicate with the event hosts, venues and florists at least a few weeks or months prior to the event. On the day, we work closely with your venue and florist to pack down your floral arrangements once your celebration concludes.

Fill out this online form today and we will discuss your event requirements and send you a quote.

For those wanting their flowers to be preserved...

Submit your requirements in detail as much as possible using our online form. We will send you a quote and also discuss further if clarification is needed. Once the final payment is settled, we will provide tips on how to keep your flowers fresh before supplying them to us. We will advise on booking a time for flower dropoff or shipping instructions if you are sending the flowers from interstate to Sydney.

We aim to complete each artwork in approximately 12 weeks from the day we receive the flowers. Once it is ready, we will notify you to book a time to collect it or we will post it to you.

We are part of your event planning

Whether you are considering our Flower Donation and/or Flower Preservation services, like other vendors, include us in your plan. The earlier you engage with us, the sooner we can confirm our availability and the more time we can prepare for your requests. Plan ahead always helps!

Thank you for being kind to our planet, others and yourself!

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