Custom-made Pressed Flower Art

Bespoke keepsakes with special blooms transformed into everlasting petals in frames.

How It Works

You can save your special flowers from sending to the landfill. We preserve fresh flowers from your wedding, birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine's Days, Mother's Days, baptism, christening or memorial flowers of your loved one...any blooms that are meaningful to you and that you want to keep longer.

We offer Customised Modern Flower Preservation Australia-wide:

  • Design options based on your flowers and your vision of the artwork
  • Flower drop-off at our location or posting your flowers to us following our instructions if you are outside Sydney and within Australia
  • Our production process takes approx. 12 weeks to complete, which includes drying, pressing, preserving and putting together the artwork
  • Flowers will be framed into a premium quality double-sided wooden frame, with a choice to add smaller frames and form a set or as gifts for family/friends
  • Artwork pick-up from our location or we can post it to you

Like other vendors, we are part of your planning. Tell us more about your requirements and we will be in touch shortly.

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